Fiinovation is a global consulting organisation working in different sectors of social development among the masses with the focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

Since their foundation in 2009, Fiinovation has grown exponentially making a bookmark in the sector of CSR consulting services. Through its detailed target-oriented research and result-producing programmes, Fiinovation has tried to bridge the gap between Corporate houses and Non-Governmental Organisations(NGO’s) and has helped different Corporate organisations to pool their resources for the betterment of people and nature, according to their respective CSR charters.

Our country’s economy and wealth is growing exponentially with a GDP of $2,251 billion is expected to grow much more with targeted GDP growth of 7.1% in the fiscal year 2017. But still, the benefits of this phenomenal growth has not made its way to all the strata of the community. With the vision of -“To ensure development is not only sustainable and easy to access but, also simplistic and scalable.” – Fiinovation is helping Corporate houses to take the growth to every layer of society making it simplistic and scalable with its unique target oriented CSR initiatives.

CSR is the way to bridge the gap between different sections of the society through holistic development.

Fiinovation Updates

  • In order to make CSR activities more efficient ministry of corporate affairs have asked companies to send nominations for the CSR awards. The idea is to motivate and incentivize businesses to CSR strategies and contribute to the social welfare.


  • Being the top leader of car manufacturer’s, Maruti Suzuki is now even rising in the CSR sector. The company has been allocated a sum of Rs. 89.45 crore on the CSR activities. The company plans to expand into new technologies for ensuring greater safety on the road and has also included health care under the CSR umbrella.


  • Maruti Suzuki has increased their CSR initiatives this year with an increase in the CSR funds by 14%. The company is even planning to explore new technology for traffic management and has also added health care under its CSR initiatives.


  • After spending millions of dollars and decades of hard work, the world’s first vaccine has been built and will be tested on children’s belonged to 5- 17months age group. The three African nations – Ghana, Kenya and Malawi are chosen and 120,00 children will be vaccinated to unveil the effectiveness of the vaccine.


  • There are so many NGOs in India that it is difficult to measure the impact that they are creating. There is a lot of loopholes which needs to be covered. I think the government should be conducting social audits of the ongoing programmes. Only organising the sector will improve its effectiveness. I think there should some regulatory mechanism. In this situation it is good for the corporations to tie up with organisations such as Fiinovation which can help them partner with credible NGOs. It is important to create maximum impact with limited resources. The social sector definitely needs to become more organised.


  • ” Earn while learn”, a new initiative taken by the AITMC (All India Council of Technical Education) in collaboration with AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) aims to eradicate growing unemployment in rural areas. The project focuses to educate and develop the skill set of the rural youth.


  • A new project “Earn while Learn” aims to create near to 1.5 million job opportunities in rural India. The purpose is to educate the youth with skills and train them in macro technology to provide livelihood for the youth of the rural India.


  • After trump had withdrawn from the Paris agreement, PM modi has cleared India’s stance of staying with the agreement for the better future of the coming generation.


Fiinovation: Assessment Studies for Mytrah Energy at Anantapur, AP

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New Delhi, Delhi, India, 06 January 2017/Businesswire India//– For assistance in corporate social responsibility initiatives, Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the largest independent power producers in renewable energy sector, collaborated with Fiinovation, [...]