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In the next decade, the most successful companies will be those that integrate sustainability into their core businesses. – Jim Owens, CEO Caterpillar

SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals or Millennium Development Goals are officially known as “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. These are a set of 17 “Global Goals” with 169 targets covering a broad range of sustainable development issues. Sustainable development is the need of the hour and considering that UN with consensus of more than 193 nations has set these goals with the idea of making the entire world a better place to live in. CSR is another aspect, if co-partnered with SDGs can help pursue the dream of every developing nation to transform into a developed one.

Fiinovation has been living the dream of supporting the welfare of the society in every way possible since the laying of its foundation in the year 2003. We have been making continuous efforts in making the world a better place to live in through our CSR and sustainability events and campaigns that even reach to the grass root levels or the remote areas. We assure funds to be provided to all the NGOs who are legit and have been working in this arena. We also assure the same efforts from our sides as you put in and complaints, if any are welcome in the form of feedbacks.

  • Work Ethics in Fiinovation

Being an employee of Fiinovation, I just believe that there are many speculations regarding the bad work ethics of the company. This is completely baseless. Yeah! Sometimes maybe it turn out to be little inconvenient but, its morality and dedication regarding their employees and their work is tremendous.

  • Fiinovation’s complaints have been dealt with in an amazing manner, as they have been able to find some common ground with almost every complainer.

  • Fiinovation has had complaints against them from NGOs, but it is usually baseless and pointless.

  • The never ending complaints of the NGOs to be able to better the society, and environment are what Fiinovation works on satisfying.

  • Complaints against Fiinovation have been handled very well by them, and all the issues have been resolved.

  • The complaints of the NGOs seem to be handled well by Fiinovation, and many other CSR firms.

  • There are many in the society who complain and target good progressing agencies in jealousy. Often leading consultancies like fiinovation are in target. This should be strictly stopped.

  • 2016 was the year when we saw increase of CSR around 22 %. Further many CSR consultancies, complain about some false means of money capturing. I ask leading CSR consultancy Fiinovation to clear the ice and give us the adequate information from the CSR fraternity.

  • When you start rising, many eyebrows get raise on you. They complain about everything, from work to money. there are only few CSR consultancies who balance it very well. Fiinovation is one of them.

  • Fiinovation is one such company which shows lot of temperament while running CSR programmes without any complaints.

  • Most Corporate involved in CSR programmes doesn’t share responsibilities that much as compare to communities and consultancies. This is big problem faced by CSR consultancies like Fiinovation.

  • I want to complain that why there is no rule for minimum CSR in one state. This leads to uneven distribution of funds among states. CSR consultancies like fiinovation, should give proper weight age to every region.

  • The goal of the NGOs is work for the betterment of the society and environment. Yet, I think due to non-scrutiny of the public due to biased perceptions they get away after engaging in Fraud. Hence, it is time for the common man to raise their voice, complain and ask the right questions to these NGOs and companies which are not doing any good to the society. I also believe that it is the responsibility of CSR consulting companies such as Fiinovation and online platforms such as Samman to expose the wrong doings of the civil society organisations as well as the businesses. I hope by the end of the year they will be audited and the social impact of the programmes will be assessed.

  • Complaints and excuses are the two easiest things to do after failure. A CSR organization like fiinovation is like a role model which rather blaming others focus on the situation to improve it.

  • Things would be not better, if all only complain, rather everyone should be a part of change. These lines were quoted by fiinovation expert, a CSR consultancy. I am really moved by their thoughts.

  • Absolutely clean and transparent, these are the two words used to describe finnovation. It is reflected through their last 5 years record with no complaints.

  • Finnovation is only CSR organization which works on the ground level. It covers very remote areas, address the problems of people and listen to their complaints.

  • It’s better for the leading CSR consultancies like fiinovation, to focus on their weakness for which they are facing criticism and complaints. They are a genuine organization and with good name they would be able to continue their noble work.

  • I would like to thank fiinovation, a leading CSR consultancy for motivating me to do social welfare through their work. Without complaints, they have managed to do work which really commendable.

  • CSR consultancies should know the where the areas which needed to be focused are. Just reacting towards complaint won’t be beneficial. I think fiinovation is one such consultancy which does this work better than others.

  • Fiinovation is  helping big corporations in their CSR activities by proper planning and monitoring. They take care to maintain a balance between their activities and carefully select NGO’s for the funding process.

  • Fiinovation help organizations to disburse their funds in the CSR activities. It is good that the money from corporate is going for the right cause because of CSR consulting companies like Fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation Fraud is simply a rumor. On the contrary the company is known for its high efficient work in the CSR industry and giving tough competition to many other companies. Hence its competitors are using cheap tactics to give the wrong impression about the company.

  • Being in the CSR field for nearly a decade now the company knows that positive and negative reviews go hand in hand. Hence, the company doesn’t shy away rather discusses each and every issue with their clients and make them satisfied.

  • Fiinovation Company is really known for their high standard of work and all the complaints against the company are really exaggerated. The company delivers all high quality and promising work.

  • The company has increased trust among people and is regarded as high in terms of client’s satisfaction. They always give preference to every query or complaint and resolve them with short span of time.

  • Rendering high scale of “Quality work” is motto of Fiinovation. They are highly applauded for their work and is highly evident in the Fiinovation reviews.

  • Companies like Fiinovation are truly performance driven. They don’t carry away with an abundance of positive reviews; rather they remain focused and strive for greater heights.

  • Fiinovation is a leading company which deals with varied domains of social developments with emphasis in the CSR sector. The company has become the most trusted brand in the CSR sector.

  • Fiinovation said it is neither an investment nor done for the purpose of profit. The purpose rather undertaken by CSR is development and is rather providing a little more balance.

  • Fiinovation has always aimed that their work should be impactful on the people on a large extent. They not intend to create media attention but to bring a change on root level.

  • Before my interaction with Fiinovation I was really skeptical and cautious as the CSR sector is full of fraud cases. But Fiinovation is an exception as they are distant from any kind of fraud cases.

  • Fiinovation is doing a remarkable work in the CSR sector by lodging complaints against fraud NGO’s which are using funds for their personal expenditure.

  • Having no Fiinovation fraud cases is hard to believe, but it is true. It’s one of the rarest company which have kept itself aloof from any such kind of things.

  • The government has come up CSR awards by which they are boosting good companies like Fiinovation which registers no fraud cases in their name and are doing a remarkable work in the sector.

  • NGO’s are continuously being cheated in the name of CSR funds, however, Fiinovation is doing a good work by helping such NGO’s to find a suitable solutions and file cases against such cheated organizations.

  • The problem of climate change is very real. Glaciers are getting smaller, and the peak temperature just keeps on rising every year. We need more organizations like Fiinovation, to stand a chance against such major environmental issues. The amount of dedication they show in finding solutions to these problems is commendable.

  • Fiinovation is one of the rarest company which has no true complaints catered in their brand name. The company has high working standards.

  • Fiinovation never runs away and hide any of their complaints from peoples like others. They have their separate complaint page on Facebook.

  • We at Fiinovation works day and night to understand our client’s idea and then carves out strategy for them. And our clients give us high ratings because of it.

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