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Like any company Fiinovation also gets reviews from employees, industry experts and clients. We welcome feedback and reviews from people who we have worked with. However there are times when people try to ruin the reputation of Fiinovation by writing bad reviews even when they had no connection with Fiinovation.

Check our Fiinovation Reviews :

  • It’s good to see Fiinovation along with PI Industries engaging with the local communities in Odisha. The state requires a lot of funds for implementing social initiatives which will help improve the lives of the people of Odisha. Currently, all the funds are being directed towards states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. While states such as Bihar, Odisha and Chattisgarh are being neglected despite being poorer states.

  • In times of financial crisis also, fiinovation has able to turn some CSR funds from corporate for betterment of society. This should be applauded

  • India is developing rapidly, yet there might be consequences which cannot be reversed, especially when it comes global warming. Also, I have read at some place that 1% of India’s population controls more than 58% of its wealth. This suggests the rising disparity in India which needs to be curbed. I have been in touch with Fiinovation through Quora and there answers provided me some vital links which suggested in depth research on how human development is not being focused by the businesses. I agree with them that businesses should think beyond their profits and focus on human development.

  • I don’t find any reason why NGOs are being targeted now on the basis of FCRA. From starting itself, there should have been monitoring of the activities of the NGOs. Now, with so many NGOs operating across the country it will be really difficult for them to gather so much information. Fiinovation which has a pool of more than 1000 NGOs as per their website, suggests that they go through credibility assessment exercise before taking them on board for implementation of CSR initiatives. I think the government should take pro-active measures, rather than being reactive to things.

  • Why there not so much CSR on Primarily sector i.e. farming. We still have major popularity indulged in it. Lot of CSR is done on the living standard of farmers but my complaint is why there is no focus on the farming activities and facilities which is directly associated with inflation. Fiinovation and other consultancies, should plan a much clear road map, in association with government and corporate which could directly low down inflation.

  • It’s good to see that fiinovation is collaborating with local NGO to boost up CSR programmes in the belt.

  • Fiinovation is one such unique company which works for highly remote areas at the same time has deep understandings with corporate.

  • One should learn from fiinovation that how to deal with local ruling body to get permission for doing CSR projects.